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Q. Do you ship overseas, or just within Australia?
Ans. At present, Path only ships to customers within Australia, but watch this space!

Q. Do you charge freight for the boards?
Ans. We are pleased to offer free shipping to customers within Australia for our e-skateboard products; we only charge a small shipping fee for orders less than $75. We encourage to customers to buy their accessories with an e-skateboard or e-scooter purchase to save on shipping!

Q. What are some of the expected freight times for Path e-skateboards?
Ans. As our Path products contain lithium batteries that exceed 160Wh, Australian regulations require us to send the goods by ground shipping. The following time frames are a guide only!
To major centres such as South East Queensland and Sydney, you can usually expect the goods within 2 working days.
To Melbourne 3 - 5 days
Adelaide: 4 - 7 days
Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Cairns, Townsville: 7 - 10 days
All other regional areas: 7+ days
These times do not include processing and packaging of your order. Also be aware that during particularly busy times such as Christmas and periods of sales, there may be additional delays as our logistics are handling a high workload. We at Path will endeavour to keep you updated of any delays. We cannot deliver our products to PO Boxes unfortunately. 

Q. Is there any maintenance that I can do to my Path product to keep it working effectively?
Ans. It is quite simple to maintain a Path product, all that is needed is to always ensure the product is topped up with a full charge, never run the battery completely dead, and always ensure the product is kept clean and as dry as possible.
Of course it always helps to keep out of the sun/the elements and checking that any screws on the products are tight, bearings are clean and away from sources of water

Q. Do you have service centres for Path products for repairs?
Ans. Yes we do, it is best to get in touch with us via email so we can advise the best repair location for you

Q. What warranty does Path offer on it’s products?
Ans. Path offers a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on it’s e-skateboard products

Q. Are there any age restrictions on Path Products?
Ans. We strongly advise persons aged 14 years and over only to use Path products, as they are high powered machines!

Q. Are Path products waterproof or water resistant?
Ans. Path products can be ridden through small puddles of water but should not be operated in rain or overly slippery surfaces continuously. Use of our products 

Q. What if I lose one of the remotes for the Path skateboards?
Ans. Not to worry, we can send you a new remote that will work for your Path product for small fee.

Q. Do the Path e-skateboards and have a maximum rider weight?
Ans. Yes, our products are rated for no more than 120kg rider weight for the Weekend Warrior and the Commuter.

Q. How many times can the Path products be recharged?
Ans. This depends on how the battery is treated, including keeping in a cool dry environment out of the sun, not fully draining it, and keeping charged. Keeping those easy tips in mind, you should expect well in excess of 500 charging cycles!

Q. What brakes do the Path products have?
Ans. Path’s range have e-brakes, that allow for regenerative braking. On the e-skateboard remotes, there is a small dial that you can turn with your thumb that changes speed that allows braking.

Q. How do the Path products handle hills?
Ans. Using Path products up and down hills can be pretty dangerous as what goes up must come down! If you ride up a steep hill and you want to ride down that same hill, this must be treated with a lot of caution and skill, so you must know how to control your speed without the use of the electric brakes if ever there was a malfunction or there was a situation where the brakes fail.

Q. Can I kick push the e-skateboards if they run out of juice?
Ans. You sure can, Path products offer a just a bit of resistance!

Q. Can the Commuter’s extra 120mm wheels be used on the Weekend Warrior, and can the Weekend Warrior’s 150mm wheels be used on the Commuter?
Ans. Not at the moment. The wheels can only be used for the boards that they are described for due to the different belt sizes and different gear housings.

Q. What items are not included in warranty? Ans. Currently the drive belts are not included in warranty as they are a high wear item due to acceleration forces and braking forces, and cannot be expected to last 12 months of continuous usage

Q. Can the bumper/rubber material on each end of the Path electric skateboards be taken off?
Ans. Yes it can, it is not glued onto the decks

Q. If I believe there is an electrical or some other malfunction with the board, what should I do?
Ans: Please provide a clear description of the issue, how it occurred, and plenty of video and/or photographic evidence. This will greatly assist us with a warranty/repair assessment. Please send this information as soon as possible to


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