Commuter Tech Specs

 Net Weight:  8.1 kg
Dimensions: 1000mm x 280mm x 145mm (with 90mm PU wheels fitted)
Motors: Brushless 2 x 1200W
Motor drive: Dual Belt
Board Material: Four Layers Bamboo + Four Layers Fibreglass
Range: 18km using dual motor* 25km using single motor*
Max Speed: 40km/h**
Number of Speed Modes: 3
Max Incline:​ 22%
Battery: 220 Wh Samsung Lithium 18650
Number of Recharges: 500***
Board Charging Time: ~3 Hours
Remote Duration: ~2 Hours, up to a month in standby
Wheel Size: 90mm 85A Polyurethane as standard.
Max Rider Weight: 120kg

*Achieved in optimal conditions, and depends on rider weight, riding conditions, amount of acceleration and gradients experienced.
**Achieved on smooth and dry bitumen with appropriate safety gear and a fully charged battery. Note that speed reduces as the battery level reduces.
*** Guide only; Highly dependent on how the battery is used, charged and what conditions it is kept in.