Where to Buy an Electric Skateboard

So, you fell for an electric skateboard, a new and fun way of personal mobility. And it’s no wonder, for anyone living in an urban area that experiences more and more traffic and parking issues. Or, for anyone who’s up to tons of fun!

Small and lightweight, can be even put in a backpack, carried beside you, and can get you past a traffic jam at solid speed. Once one gets used to it, it is easily maneuverable and what is maybe the most important, it’s safer than other similar personal mobility devices, like hoverboards, for example.

So, you’re throwing yourself into the search! Where should you buy this ultra-fun device called an electric skateboard? To answer this question, you should ask yourself what you want from an electric skateboard regarding its features, such as - price, speed, weight, battery life...

Here we’ll try to highlight some models’ features that we think are worth considering.


The Price

The market is loaded with cheap e-skateboards today, unlike a few years ago. There are even devices with prices under $100. However, best advice is to be careful and search for solid quality and value. Here’s a pick of three e-skateboards for adults with prices under $500 of great value.


This is a great choice for all starters. It can develop speed up to 20km/h and can carry you for an impressive 30km with one charge. The battery needs 3-5h to be fully charged and that is maybe the only downside, having in mind there are cheaper skateboards with faster charging. It has wireless Bluetooth remote control and it’s easily maneuverable.


Blitzart Huracane can get you commuting with an impressive speed - up to 32km/h. The price is just a bit higher than the previously listed model. It can carry you around for about 20km with one charge. This model is unique because it can take a heavy load - up to 136kg!


This e-skateboard is a seriously fast device - it can develop an impressive 40km/h. It is a bit more expensive than skateboards described above (around $500), but it’s not too expensive having in mind its high top speed. Its range is 35km, and you can easily double this range by carrying an additional battery with you. This feature (swappable battery) is a strong plus of this model.

light electric skateboard

The Weight

Low weight is obviously the most desirable feature of an electric skateboard. Commuting is often a non-linear path requiring time off the skateboard in some situations such as entering the train or a bus. Also, storing a device either at your home or a workplace/school/wherever is much easier if it doesn’t weigh much. Here are three lightest electric skateboards that are worth of your attention. 



The “world’s lightest electric skateboard” is a great choice for kids and teens under 58kg, not for adults. It weighs only 3.4kg! With this mass, it can take a kid on the ride with a max speed of 10km/h, only 8 km with one charge.  


This model is almost as light as previous – 3.5kg. Yet, it can carry skateboarders of up to 80kg. Max. speed it develops is 20km/h and its range is up to 10km with one charge. Its lightweight comes from a plastic deck that makes it suitable for rainy days, but it’s not comfortable for long rides.


Its weight is 4.8kg. So, it’s considerably heavier than previous models on the list, but still, it can be considered for a lightweight model. It also has a useful handle on the back that makes it easy to carry. It can take adults of even 100kg for a ride. 25 km/h is a solid top speed and fast charging (1.5h) and 11km range make it a very good choice.


Ok, getting a little heavier now at around 8kg. The Commuter couldn’t be left of the list. Its still half the weight of other boards on the market but offers double the speed in this class. With a speed of up to 50km/h on flat ground, this middle weight will add some excitement to your daily commute.

electric skateboard at speed on grass

The Speed

And here we are at the most fun feature of all - the speed! For adrenaline junkies and everyone who doesn’t want ever to be late, here are some good choices.


112 km/h is a crazy speed, you will agree. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted or inexperienced riders. This e-skateboard is widely known as the fastest in the world. However, his price is also jaw-dropping - around $3000.


This model develops a speed of 77km/h and has a mind-blowing total motor power of 14,400 watts. This might be the main reason for its heavyweight - over 16kg! One more fact is shocking about this model - it cost almost $4000 ($3850).


This model is significantly cheaper than the other two on the list. Still, it is a great choice for both adrenalin junkies and commuters who don’t want ever to be late with a reasonable and quite enough top speed of 50km/h. It has high-quality Samsung batteries and a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty to have your back.  

The majority of these models can be bought directly from manufacturers, through various distributors, or ordered via eBay or Amazon. Pick The One and have fun! 







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