Electric Skateboard vs Scooter

Urban commuting is becoming more and more frustrating, or more and more fun, depending on the vehicle you’ve chosen to get you from A to B.

You’ve probably experienced a stressful situation trying to get somewhere on time and you’re stuck in a traffic jam in your car or a bus. On the other hand, it can be so satisfying to glide past traffic chaos smoothly on a cool, lightweight, reasonably fast and environmentally friendly device such as an electric skateboard or an electric scooter.

If you live in an urban area and just thinking on your daily route from home to work and back gives you a headache, it’s time to reconsider your choice of vehicle. The next step is to pick the right kind for you and your particular needs.

You can start by choosing between an electric skateboard or an electric scooter. So, which one to pick?! To avoid a potentially stressful situation we will give you some hints via a few simple questions:


How old are you?

And we are not asking about your actual age or a birth date from your license. The question is about the level of your vitality, life energy, overall physical abilities and skills, and at the end about how cool do you think you are or want to be. This is important for one reason that differs electric skateboard from an electric scooter - ease of riding.

It is easier to ride an electric scooter than an electric skateboard. The handle you hold onto while you are riding down the streets gives you a lot of confidence and safety. Yet, usually, that happens to be inversely proportional to the level of awesomeness, so if you are up for a cool surf down the sidewalk while feeling at one with the city, you should pick an e-skateboard.


Where do you live?

Again, we are not asking about the info on your ID, but about the available storage place at your home, and also at your workplace/school/wherever you go daily.

There are e-skateboards on the market that are lightweight and such a small size that they can be easily put in a backpack. Yet, this is not a huge difference, because both devices can be easily put in the corner and out of everyone’s way when not in use, but still, you might want to consider that there is a slight difference.

Also, you might consider the path you take to commute in terms of potential bumps and uneven ground. A stone on the wrong place when you are riding a skateboard can be a serious threat and transition from riding to flying. Pneumatic tires that are common on e-scooters will carry you smoothly over rougher grounds. However, when it comes to downhill and uphill rides, you would be more comfortable on an e-skateboard. Larger wheels on both of these devices also plays a big role. Larger wheels tend to be a lot smoother.


How much time do you have?

And finally, we think about time when we say it, but also on money (time is money, right?) 

How much time you have every day for commuting will, to some level, help determine the best device for you (length and terrain of your commuting path is also a factor, of course). To put it in other words, which is faster: electric scooters or electric skateboards?

There is a general belief that electric scooters are faster than a skateboard, but according to The Guinness Book Of Records, the faster device is an electric skateboard. The speed we’re talking about is 146km/h, yet that speed cannot be considered safe for riding a skateboard day to day!

For both electric devices there is a rule - the faster the device is, the higher the price. Still, there is a threshold regarding price for which you can get a decent device, keeping in mind all the features, including speed and weight. Recently we discussed some skateboard models under $500 that offer great value. An e-scooter in the same quality range can be bought for up to $100 less. But it is certainly one of those things: You get what you pay for!

One more thing regarding time is to be considered and that is a need for maintenance. We have already mentioned e-scooter pneumatic tires. They usually require regular tyre pressure checks and top ups. Having honeycomb wheels on the boards like the Path range of electric skateboards do negate the need for this, whilst still offering a smooth ride.


So... E-skateboard or E-scooter?

From the above you can conclude that the devices are somewhat similar in a lot of ways. We reckon that the crucial factor in making the decision should be how young your heart, mind and body is!

For all of you youngsters who desire freedom in a raw form, an e-skateboard is the right choice. If you want to feel safer cruising down the city sidewalks, you should pick an e-scooter.

No matter what your final choice is, commuting is for sure going to become the favorite part of your day!

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